Maid Visa Services in Dubai

maid visa dubai

B2B Document Clearing offers professional maid visa service in Dubai.Here we take a look at the criteria for sponsoring a maid, the procedure involved and how to get the medical fitness certificate. There are many people who need to hire maid in Dubai,UAE. In order to hire a maid you need to get maid visa for your maid/domestic helper.

Maid Visa is a visa that is required for sponsoring residency permit for Domestic helpers.. With maid visa you obtain government approval for an expat woman to come and work in UAE as a maid for her employer or sponsor. Maid Visa can be obtained from the immigration department after going through the required processes and producing the required documents.

Expats who are living with families in UAE may need maid or a domestic helper.There are UAE Nationals who are employing expat maid. B2B Document Clearing can help you with the A-Z processing of the maid visa in Dubai.

One important thing regarding maid visa is that visa application is directly applied from Immigration. Maid Visa is valid for a year.

How to Sponsor a Maid

In this post we will look address some common questions like how to sponsor a maid, what is the procedure to get maid visa and how to get the medical certificate and how to renew or cancel a maid visa.

In order to get the maid visa you need a sponsor. The sponsor’s salary should be more than AED 5000/month + residency contract. Male Bachelors are not eligible to sponsor a maid.

Documents required for sponsoring House Maid visa or servant visa

  • Passport copy of the Sponsor with Valid Residence Stamp
  • Attested Labour Contract for those who work in private sector OR sponsor’s original Salary Certificate in Arabic for those whose visas are direct from immigration.
  • Attested Tenancy Contract by Ejari. Minimum two bed-room apartment is required.
  • Passport copy of Maid (Passport must be valid for at least 6 months).
  • Recent passport size photo with white background (at least 4).
  • Affidavit from respective Embassy/Consulate certifying non-relationship, if maid is from same country of sponsor.
  • Application duly filled from authorized typing center.

Note: You should carry these documents with you whenever you make a trip to immigration.

There are four stages in the maid visa process :

Entry Permit

Using entry permit , house maid can enter UAE.

Residence Visa

With residence visa maid can legally stay in UAE for 1 year

Maid Visa Contract

This is an agreement between sponsor and maid. Like any other visa contract this includes salary package and other perks and privileges.

Maid’s Card

It is an identification card issued by Immigration Department to the servant

Each stage description

Entry Permit (Detail)

If you apply for maid visa in Dubai,maid needs to get UAE residency visa too. She need to enter UAE. Hence you need to apply for Entry Permit.

In order to get Entry Permit you have to go to authorized typing center like B2B and ask them to type the maid visa application.

You will have to pay AED 110 plus typing charges. If you want it urgent you will have to pay additional 100 AED.

Submit the application to the Immigration or General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai to get the entry permit.

Pay AED 2,000 along with typed application as a deposit

Send the original or copy of the visa(Entry Permit) to the Maid. If you are sending copy please deposit the original in Visa Desk at the Airport.

Medical check/Labor contract for maid

After entering UAE you need to take your maid to a government recognized medical fitness center for medical test . Medical test has to be done within 30 days after the maid arrival into Dubai.
All maids will have to be screened for HIV, TB,Hepatitis B, Pregnancy, Syphilis , Leprosy etc.

The 3 doses for Hepatitis B vaccination will be given. One immediately, followed by one month and booster after six months.

All maids will have to do Blood Test plus X-Ray.After completing the medical tests the medical fitness results will be sent to DNRD electronically. The sponsor will get and SMS with this regard on the mobile phone. And may proceed for further process.

After getting the medical result take your maid to submit the fingerprints and application to the Emirates ID authorized center.Labor Contract is the official contract between you(sponsor) and the employee(maid). This will list the terms including the salary that is to be paid on a monthly basis.

  • Sponsor will receive 3 printouts of the unified contract which is to be signed by sponsor and Maid.
  • Request Maid to sign the contract.
  • The same is to be counter signed by the Officer.
  • The Officer will give two copies of the contract one to be given to the Maid and one to be given Sponsor.

Residency Visa (Detail)

For getting the Residency visa of your maid to need to go to the immigration with the following documents to stamp the residency visa on Maid’s Passport:

  • Sponsor must declare to the officer what salary you propose to pay your maid as this will be entered into the contract.It is preferable to take your maid with your to save time.
  • Stamped and signed employment permit
  • Medical Report of Maid
  • AED 5,100 annual Cost for Residency stamp on Passport
  • Original Passport of Maid
  • Original Passport of Sponsor
  • Salary certificate or labour contract of Sponsor
  • Tenancy Contract
  • Contract signed by Maid and Sponsor
  • A residency stamp with one-year will be placed in your maid’s Passport and domestic worker Card.

Your deposit of AED 2000 which you have kept with immigration while applying for entry permit will only be refunded when your housemaid permanently leaves the country. Keep all records of Maids visa plus sticker which is issued from immigration. The same can be use this to get a refund or show it to the residency officer as proof of deposit in any case.

Emirates ID

To get the National ID or Emirates ID, you need to show the residency stamp to the typist to update the application or call EIDA and give them residency number. Once all the procedure is completed your maid identification card and emirates id will be delivered to your specified address.