Document Attestation Service

Document Attestation ServiceGetting your documents and certificates certified is necessary whether you want to move to Dubai for work, school, or to start a business. Even before you submit an application for a visa or a company registration, the attestation process can be finished. The attestation is the first step in the UAE business establishment process whether you want to establish your branch firm or incorporate with your primary company. If you put off obtaining your documents correctly attested, the embassy may deny your application for a visa, which could put you in a pickle. Therefore, before moving to Dubai or setting up your business, you must comprehend the numerous aspects of attestation and why it is necessary.

Attestation verifies that seals and signatures on papers issued in the United Arab Emirates or elsewhere are legitimate.

Attestation services include the attestation of documents issued by entities in the UAE or in other countries such as:

Individual Affairs Documents

Includes but not limited to: educational documents (certificate and transcripts are treated as two different documents), birth certificates, death certificate, medical reports, good conduct certificate, marriage certificate, court-issued certificates, power of attorney of personal nature, to may it concern letters, employment contract, employment offer, bank statements, personal tax certificate etc.

Commercial Documents

Includes but not limited to : contract or agreement, commercial registration, appointment of a manager or a director, minutes of meeting of board of directors or partners company change of name, brand registration, distribution agreement, corporate insurance certificate, corporate tax certificate, board of directors decision, trade license, partnership or shareholder certificate, annexes and appendices in commercial documents, memorandums, company closures, company branch registration, bankruptcy documents, financial statement, product registration, patent registration or waiver, trademark registration, power of attorney of commercial nature, general power of attorney, signature document, end-user certificate, tax certificate, completion certificate and any other document of commercial nature.
Commercial contracts or agreements may be considered as multiple documents based on its content.

Invoices and Certificate of Origins

Commercial documents with proof of sale of any items or products

Instruction to be considered

For documents issued inside the UAE
  • Original document must be attested by the governing government entity except for digital documents issued by a government entity or documents attested electronically
  • Apply for attestation in the UAE through MoFAIC online channels.
  • Include the original document. If the document is digital or electronically attested, include a copy of it.
  • Document can then be attested by one of the embassies or missions abroad by applying for attestation on online channels.

For documents issued outside the UAE

  • Original document must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of issuing country.
  • Document can then be attested by one of UAE’s Embassy or Consulate in issuing country by applying though MoFAIC online channels.
  • Documents must be attested in the UAE by applying for attestation in the UAE through online channels. Please include the original attested document.

Timeline for Documents Attestation

Normal – 3 to 5 working days
Express – 1 to 2 working days

Required Documents

  • Original document in English or Arabic (or an official translation of it)
  • Document must be attested by the appropriate governing bodies prior to submission
  • Document must not be laminated

It takes a lot of time and resources to obtain the document attestations from the UAE’s various agencies, ministries, embassies, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Therefore, it is advised that you seek the services of a professional attestation agency for your needs rather than taking on this responsibility yourself. Nevertheless, you must choose the service provider carefully because the industry is also filled with many organizations. For complete peace of mind, conduct thorough research and choose the best service provider with established credentials. Our expert team has all the necessary knowledge
regarding the attestation procedure for Dubai and will perform the task quickly. You just need to submit us your documents and your specifications, and we will do the process for you.