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B2B Business Setup and PRO Services | What is PRO Service

Government liaison officer also known as PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER provides certain services required by every company in Dubai, UAE. Basically, PRO services are professional documents clearing services which pertains to the documents and paperwork of the Government in UAE.

Every company require additional services after company formation. These services are related to visa processing, typing, document clearing ,attestation etc. These process can be time consuming and require understanding of procedure.

B2B Document Clearing helps you by offering annual contract for PRO services in Dubai. This includes Public Relation, Consulting Services, Visa applications, Typing and legal compliance audit. In addition we also take care of work involved in obtaining and re-applying for visas, immigration cards, Health cards etc.

All of the above must be obtained from the Government and the processes involved can be quite complicated and lengthy. B2B is your one stop service for all of the things that you may need for your business setup in Dubai. From trademark registration to company registration and PRO services in Dubai, we will provide you with the best.

Why choose B2B Document Clearing

Low Cost PRO Service

Spend only when you need our service

Time Saving

Get more work done in less time

Professional PRO support

PRO Support from professionals

Easy collecetion

Collection and return of complete documents at your doorstep

Timely Reminder

Avoid fines by our timely renewal reminders
  • Highly efficient local PRO’s
  • Security
  • Transparency
  • Fast, reliable and free pickup and delivery anywhere across Dubai
  • Guaranteed work complete in record time
  • Experts at your service
  • Renewal Reminder service
  • Free updates of all the latest government initiatives, rules and regulations.

Our expert PRO adviser saves you time and money through efficient and reliable PRO Services. Companies in Dubai looking to process approvals from government departments can sometimes get overwhelmed. As they lack knowledge so they may get confuse with the requirements asked by the concerned departments. That’s where B2B come in and ensure that your requirements are fulfilled without wasting any time. When it comes to outsourcing PRO services, Dubai customers can count on our expertise and experience to get the job done. B2B will do all the heavy lifting and will provide best PRO services in Dubai so that you can focus on your core business activities.

We thank all our client for making us officially-recognized and registered pro services provider in Dubai,UAE. Our core business fundamental is complete transparency and total accountability. Moreover, our document processing and attestation service is done in a fast and reliable manner. Hence we bring you the most affordable and best PRO services in Dubai.

Benefits of Outsourcing PRO Services

You might be a new company or an old one, but getting your work done service provider gives an edge. Through PRO service provider every company gets a chance to get work done by specialized professionals with ease. You just need to sit back and relax.

The PRO Service providers are always up to date about the various laws and policies regarding business. At B2B we also keep continuous check on the changes that take place in these laws and policies. Once you take help of B2B PRO services your work becomes hassle free. No stress is their regarding the paper and documents required, the departments, time period of submission, others.

B2B PRO Services give smooth functioning regarding the approvals of various documents. All the activities like picking up of documents, delivering to B2B service provider, outsourcing your PRO services to B2B all are done smoothly. The dedicated staff at B2B ensures that you get best PRO service with ease.

Running a business requires a lot of time and focus, B2B services help you focus more on building and running your business and less on the paperwork and approvals. The PRO services by B2B saves your time and does all the document clearing work.

Setting up your own PRO service in the company requires a lot of funds. Hiring your own administrator is add on expense. You can cut down PRO expenses by taking the services of B2B PRO service provider. Taking up these services is way more ECONOMICAL than doing it all yourself. PRO services by B2B are LOW IN COST.

Corporate PRO Service

Documents required for business setup in Dubai,UAE are mostly in Arabic so B2B Document Clearing offers professional services for translation and typing. B2B Consultants can get document clearance quickly as we have strong connections with government agencies. Our profession PROs have latest knowledge and update regarding the UAE law and we can deliver pro visa services at your doorstep.

We collect the documents from your location and will deliver the cleared document back to your location. With our best in class corporate pro services in Dubai and UAE,You don’t have to face rejection or go to government departments multiple times for business setup in Dubai. Our contacts within the Dubai and UAE governments for the past 10 years helps you get quick approvals to setup your business in UAE on schedule. You can completely rely on B2B Document Clearing for visa renewal and visa processing. You no longer have to set reminders for renewal and as our staff will send you the notification before 30 days of your visa expiry. So you can now forget about missing deadlines and renewal dates as B2B will keep track of your company documents which are due for renewal .We will make sure that you never have to pay fines for delay in getting all your business documents renewed. Our services will save your precious time and will help you to reduce the upto 60 % costs that you may incur if you decide to apply for the different approvals individually.

PRO Services in Dubai

B2B Document Clearing – PRO service Offerings

B2B offers a monthly or yearly service for companies seeking to develop and maintain links with government and non government agencies in Dubai and UAE. Some of our PRO Service offerings are as follows :

  • New Trade License /Renewal of Trade License
  • Processing of documents in Labor/Immigration/Economic and other government departments
  • Changing Trade Name/Adding or canceling activity/appointing Manager.
  • All kind of approval related to activity and License Amendment.
  • Chamber of Commerce/Foreign affairs attestation/Ministry of Justice/ notary etc.
  • Assistance for all government and semi government work
  • Application of Visit Visa
  • Employment Visa in Labor, Immigration, Medical, Labor Card and Resident Visa.
  • Resident Visa for families of employees.
  • Visa Amendment, Medical Fitness Test and Emirates ID Typing
  • Providing Health Insurance for employees and families
  • Resident Visa for family
  • Visa Cancellation
  • Passport Renewal
  • Renewal of Labor Card, Resident Visa, Medical Card and Administration
  • Legal translations
  • Document Clearing
  • New Company Immigration and Labor Card
  • Amend Employment Visa
  • Partner /Investor Visa
  • All dependent Visa
  • Providing Sponsor
  • Legal Translation
  • WPS related work
  • New Company Formation
  • Approvals from Ministry, Municipality Government department

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