Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

In Dubai mainland, business entities comes under the jurisdiction of Dubai government and its authorities. Since Dubai Mainland expands within commercialized geographical areas of Dubai so DED is responsible for business registration & mainland license. It also ensures commercial compliance & consumer protection in Dubai.

Dubai Mainland is famous for its business friendly infrastructure and facilities. Most noteworthy, Business setup in Dubai mainland is a preferred option while establishing business in Dubai. Company Formation in Dubai Mainland can be very challenging and time consuming. As a result ,B2B Document Clearing hired professional business setup consultants that offers the best services for mainland business setup.

Document Required for mainland Company Setup

There are different documents required during each stage of business setup

Document Required in initial stage

  • Passport and Visa Page (visa can be either visit, tourist or employment) copy of all partners.

Document Required for notary

  • Trade Name certificate and Initial approval certificate.
  • Application provided by DED with their sign and stamp (B2B Document Clearing will manage)
  • Passport and Emirates ID of local sponsor.
  • Passport copy and visa pages of all partners.
  • Memorandum of Association with legal translation ( B2B Document Clearing will prepare MOA).

Document Required for obtaining Trade License

  • original MOA (Memorandum of Association)
  • Lease agreement (Documents) – It is mandatory to have a physical location/office space for a new business in Dubai. The rent on an average within the free zone area is US$ 30 to US$ 45 Per sq ft. (US$ 225 up to US$ 400 per sq mt). B2B, can assist you to arrange office space. Check this link to know more about Rental and Leasing Cost (This will be required only after we obtain the initial approval from the authority).
  • There are some activities which might require third party / authority pre approval so additional Charge and professional fees might be applicable.
  • There maybe a requirement for few other document if any external approval is required for some selected activities.

Advantage of Mainland Business Setup

The Business model of Dubai, UAE offers new business setup many advantages such as a highly developed and stable economy. In addition, the overall business infrastructure and services matches the highest international standards. This results in highly efficient and quality service for business setup in Dubai mainland.

For Dubai mainland business setup , a UAE national known as local sponsor or local service agent is required. A local sponsor is necessary for commercial companies and he/she will hold maximum number of share (that is 51% and expat will hold as much as 49% shares). Local Sponsor is also needed for professional company formation and business setup,in which expat is permitted to hold almost 100% shares in mainland business setup in Dubai. B2B Document Clearing can provide you a local sponsor for your business.

Some of the benefits for Dubai mainland company formation are:

  • Free enterprise system
  • No currency limitation
  • Low import duty
  • Highly developed transportation infrastructure
  • Strong communication network
  • Flexibility to rent office anywhere
  • No limitations in getting employment visas
  • High quality offices and residential accommodation.
  • Inexpensive Workforce
  • Easy Recruitment Procedures.
  • Top international exhibitions and conference venues.
  • Reliable power, Great hotels, hospitals, schools, shops and Cosmopolitan lifestyle.

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