visa services in dubai

Visa Services in Dubai

B2B Document Clearing provides best visa services in Dubai. B2B offers services related to visa processing,visa application typing and visa cancellation.We also provide services for visa holding,visa stamping,medical,emirates id typing and change status. Looking for low cost and reliable visa services in Dubai for family, residence visa,partner visa, investor visa,employment visa and maid visa? We have you covered.At B2B, we offer all visa services at affordable price.

B2B Document Clearing have a talented team of business consultants.We have proven track record and experience in handling all types PRO services in Dubai and visa processing. All services related to your visa requirement will be delivered at your doorstep.

There are many types of visa offered by UAE government. Depending upon the purpose of visitor’s entry you can decide which type of visa you should apply for.At B2B, we will assist and review the prerequisites and documentation procedure. This will ensure that your visa application complies with all the government requirement.As we are in the business setup and pro services domain so our business consultants always have upto date knowledge of UAE visa rules.

Employment Visa

Are you are looking to work for a company in Dubai and UAE? You need to get an employment visa.Employment visa allows you to enter Dubai,UAE for employment and work for two years.The employment visa requires approval from Ministry of Labor UAE and it is issued by Ministry of residency and Foreign affairs. B2B’s visa services in Dubai will help the companies in getting employment visa for the employees. As a PRO service provider ,we collect required document for visa processing. We then take approval from the government authorities, assist you in labor contract. Documentation and other visa processing related activities are also delivered by us. Our PROs have expertise in obtaining and processing employment visas for mid size and small companies. In addition, we will help you in completing the formalities of Medical and stamping employee’s residence visa. For medical,B2B offers pick and drop service to the medical center for the employee visa.

So now you can invest and dedicate your precious time to your core business activities. At B2B, we help our customers with corporate visa processing.

Parent Visa

In order to bring your parent in Dubai, you have to apply for parent visa. There are few requirement in order to get parent visa such as higher salary ,good profession and minimum 2 BHK apartment. Parent visa is valid for 1 year. B2B will provide all the services related to parent visa. This includes entry permit, change status, medical, emirates id and health insurance.Pick and drop service for medical, emirates id and all document.

Visit Visa /Tourist Visa

A visit or a tourist visa will allow you to enter in UAE for 1 month or max 3 month.You can explore Dubai and enjoy Dubai lifestyle with visit visa.B2B have good contacts with travel agencies. We can help you with visit visa, air tickets to plan your stay.

Family Visa /Dependent Visa

Are you are planning to bring your family in Dubai? B2B will help you to get family visa.As per the UAE government there are few requirements related to employees for family visa.This include employee’s designation, monthly salary and other rules depending upon employee’s work. We will help you through the complete procedures until you obtain you get visa for your family. Family visa can be obtained for wife and children but there are few other documents are required to sponsor other relatives such as parents. B2B can also provide health insurance which is mandatory before visa stamping

Partner Visa

Partner visa is best for the person who is running you business in business in Dubai. The cost of Partner visa is less than other visa. It is valid for 3 years and it is issued by Immigration Department. Any kind of guarantee or deposit is not required for this visa. B2B will help you in getting partner visa for your company. We offer following visa services with regards to partner visa.
1. Partner visa processing whether you are inside or outside UAE.
2. B2B will help you in getting entry permit ,medical , Emirates ID ,health insurance and Visa Stamping.
3. For partner visa, you do not need to visit any government department. As B2B will take care of all the partner visa procedure including document collection and delivery.

Maid Visa

In order to get permanent maid or nanny ,you need to get her a maid visa under your sponsorship.There are some formalities and requirements in order to get maid visa.At B2B, we will assist you to get your maid visa in a hassle free manner. Maid visa is valid for 1 year and after that you need to renew the maid visa.

Our expert PRO will submit the visa application and ensure your maid visa process completion. B2B will support maid’s medical checkups, emirates id , visa stamping and health insurance process.

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