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Low cost business setup in UAE

The reasons why you should start your business in UAE and how to start with low cost

When you think about business setup in other countries, budget is one of the barriers for setting up plan. Choosing the right country is very important part of making decision. The United Arab Emirates has just reached to the eleventh place in the World Bank’s Annual Ranking of Ease of Doing Business, which is important news for foreign investors and ambitious entrepreneurs who are contemplating expanding their businesses in the UAE. To start business setup with low cost, you need to have complete formation related with the area where business developed.

Dubai offers a wealth of opportunities for those who seeking to invest. The Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region is home to over three billion people, ever-increasing mobile connectivity and increasing levels of trade and investment. There are many incredible opportunities that come with starting a business in Dubai. For starters, you can immediately take your place among one of the most vibrant and encouraging environments in the world.

The UAE made starting a business easier by improving online registration according to observation by the Doing Business Report. This is due to the efforts made by the UAE Government to on-board all the existing systems into an online format. Dubai has been ranked consistently well in all indices of business, society, technology, safety and individual aspects. According to above factors, Dubai is the right choice for starting your new business. Besides, there is Zero tax on both personal and corporate income. The only significant tax to be aware of in the Emirates is Value Added Tax (VAT) that was introduced in January 2018 and it stands at a flat rate of 5%.

After choosing UAE as your new business setup location, you need to consider about the low cost and hassle free business setup plan. When you think about Low Cost LLC Company formation in UAE, you have to consider the reliable and trusted service for your company registration. So, the thing you need to do is developing business idea and finding us. We are here for you to provide cost effective and hassle free business setup with our experienced experts. We have over 8 years’ experiences in company formation and PRO services. We can be your trusted partner for building your dream business in UAE.


Is it possible to renew residence visa without renewing your Emirates ID?

Both the Emirates ID and residence visas are linked in the government system. When submitting a request for renewing the residence visa, the renewal form for the Emirates ID should also be uploaded. If not, the immigration department will ask for the Emirates ID application as well, or the approval will not come through.
After the medical fitness test is conducted for the visa renewal process, an Emirates ID application also needs to be filled out.
First thing is that the Emirates ID is needed to renew and renewing the residence visa can be applied.
The official UAE government website – – also provides the following information on when a UAE-based expatriate can renew their Emirates ID: “UAE residence visa holders can only apply for renewal when their residence visa is renewed or reissued.”